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Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha | mein tavan sabhnin jo Sawagat Aahe ! Jai jhulelal !

Awardee Of J.T.W. Smt. Sheela Dudani for Social Service

Ballet Dancer on Stage Anila Sunder Performing Ballet History of Sindh

Ballet Dancer on Stage Anila Sunder


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About Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha

The Main Aims and Objectives of the Bharatiya Sindhu Sabha are:

  • Unifying the Sindhi community.
  • Service of the nation and Humanity.
  • Preserving and Strengthening Sindhi Culture, Language, Heritage, Social characteristics and the unique Sindhi way of life.
  • Character Building
  • Development of Socio-cultural institutions.



The Partition of India resulted in grave injustice to a small community of Hindus who lived on the banks of the river Sindhu (Indus) in the state of Sindh (now in Pakistan).

This small minority was uprooted from their homes, their culture and way of life almost destroyed their ancient traditions which can be traced back to Harrappa and Mohen- jo-daro ground to dust. A community which taught city life and communal living to the world was turned into Nomads.